Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let's All Get WariActiv!!

LETS GET HIGH! *the alternative to glue sniffing! :)

I was introduced to this in HK, but if u ever find this muscle-relieve spray called WariActiv, BUY IT! This 6" white spray can contains some chemical that produces a short burst of euphoric head rush. Its similar to sniffing glue, but it doesn't last as long. Fun for a few giggles!

DIRECTION TO USE: Spray a small amount in to a small towel. Immediately press towel to mouth/nose and inhale deeply. Use as displayed in cryptographic instructions found on cigarette box!


  1. this is the BOMB!!!

  2. hi, ill be going to hk in 2 days,and i so want to get my hands on some. are they available in watsons? no prescriptions? thanks

  3. Ei good day guys how much does this cost in HK? Yes I believe it's in Watsons because that's where my friend used to get it.

  4. Where have you people been?! haha